The best 5 villages to visit in Cyprus

The best 5 villages to visit in Cyprus

Apart from blue flag beaches with golden sands and blissful island adventures, Cyprus has more to offer; like natural sceneries and scenic landscapes from our beautiful countryside.

If you have yet to discover this side of Cyprus, you’ve been definitely missing out and it’s time to get adventurous.

Bellow we’ve gathered the five best villages to visit in Cyprus that will leave you in awe.

Lofou Village
1. Lofou
Cobblestone narrow streets, energetic nature and a backdrop of mountains and refreshing countryside characterize the atmosphere of Lofou Village. It is one of the wine villages of the island and belongs to the 4th Wine Route of Cyprus. The local wine of Lofou and the products made of it, such as “soutzoukos” and “palouzes”, are famous all over Cyprus for their excellent quality. It is located somewhere between Paphos and Limassol; easily accessible and reachable only 25 minutes away from the second biggest city. Lofou appeals to everyone, why not choose to spend a beautiful day surrounded by nature with the lovely people of Lofou welcoming you to explore their village?

Omodos Village
2. Omodos
Omodos is one of the most popular villages of Cyprus, its popularity is based on the idyllic beauty that encloses the village. Visiting Omodos one can find several local taverns offering mouthwatering Cypriot dishes as well as traditional coffee shops that are located in the center of the village at the astonishing paved square along with local souvenir shops offering local crafts and products. Overlooking the central square is the monastery of the Holy Cross that is visited on a daily basis by many tourists as well as locals that admire its striking architecture and the sacred atmosphere of the ancient church. Inside the church you can find – according to tradition – a piece from the holly robe with which Christ was tied up on the cross when he was crucified. We definitely suggest paying a visit to the gorgeous Omodos village for an enjoyable afternoon that will leave you feeling re-energized.

Platres Village
3. Platres
Local stoned buildings, impressive architecture, stunning nature and nature trails are only some of the things someone can experience when visiting Pano Platres. The village is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in the district of Limassol. It is encircled by a green environment and it includes some of the most famous nature trails of the island, ‘Kalidonia’ and ‘Millomeris’. Other activities one can do in Platres include visiting the Platres Chocolate Workshop and taste delicious chocolate made with the Cypriot drinks koumantaria and zivania as well as local fruit and nuts. Walk the streets of the picturesque Platres, enjoy a Cypriot coffee with “loukoumades” and experience the simple joys of living in the countryside.

Polis Chrysochous
4. Polis Chrysochous
Combining the beauty of mountains and sea, Polis Chryroschous is one of the most idyllic places the island has to offer. It is unquestionably the ideal place for nature and adventure lovers since it is near key settings that make it a perfect destination to explore some of the nicest places in Paphos. Polis is near the Akamas Peninsula where one can experience activities like swimming, hiking and cycling as well as simply explore the majestic Baths of Aphrodite. Enjoy fresh seafood at one of the numerous fish taverns offered at Latsi as well as experience the nature trails of ‘Avakas Gorge’ and ‘Adonis’. Polis Chrysochous is undoubtedly one of the places to visit during your stay in Cyprus. You will not regret it.

Kakopetria Village
5. Kakopetria
Kakopetria village is the perfect destination for both winter and summer season. During the winter you can enjoy the natural scenery sitting at a cozy environment by the fireplace tasting quality food whilst during summertime you can cool off and recharge from the hot weather of the city in the revitalizing atmosphere the village offers. It is a village with distinctive architecture; in fact, the old Kakopetria that is one of the best parts of the village is regarded as an ancient monument that is protected by the Cypriot Department of Antiquities. Kakokpetria village is chosen by both local and tourists who choose the village as their holiday destination due to the wonderful environment and the even better climate.


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