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 OWAAT means Cyprus has “Zero Tolerance” of Abuse Against Women.  OWAAT goals are aimed at empowering all abused women to prevent their violence by protecting their life and privacy. OWAAT objectives guide women how to place the law in their hands, become self-represented litigants, and obtain access to court for no contact civil protections against their abuser.  OWAAT encourages Cyprus courts to support OWAAT goals and objectives by adopting web-based “Self-help Forms” and instructions for self-represented litigants to print off, fill-in-the-blanks, e-sign and e-file in any Cyprus court with proper jurisdiction to grant civil equitable remedies, and as justice so requires.  OWAAT provides court web-links as model, modern court web-based management systems. Many EU Member-state courts and all U.S. courts websites share Self-Help forms and related links to court provided civil protection complaint and instructions to assist self-represented

14 Mysterious Corners of Our Planet the Travel Guides Don’t Mention

Travel lovers are well aware of all the main attractions offered by popular tourist destinations. Anyone can visit those places to see them with his or her own eyes. But there are other corners of Earth: spots that, for one reason or another, remain forbidden to ordinary sightseers. Bright Side   has recently learned about some of these truly mysterious locations. We would love to see those places for ourselves — wouldn’t you?! The Kofuns, Japan © National Land Image Information (Color Aerial Photographs)     These artificial islands are the ancient   burial sites   of members of the Japanese Imperial family. On rare occasions, they can be visited by archaeologists, but only with the permission of the Imperial Court. North Sentinel Island, India The   natives   living on the island will stop at nothing to protect their land from outsiders. So, for the tourists’ own safety, the Indian authorities prohibit anyone from approaching the location. Area 51, USA


You think   South Africa 's highlights can’t be done in 60 seconds? You’re damn right. But we tried it anyway. The diversity of the country, the stunning landscapes, animals and vibrant cities gave us a hard time to choose though. Enjoy! ///// We travel the world. In 60 seconds.///// It went all too fast? You want the details? No problem.   Here are our recommendations in order of appearance: 0:05   Cape Point Cape Point is everyone’s idea of a picture postcard. The dramatic cliff rises hundreds of meters into the sky straight from the sea. Take the time to walk all the way to the front of the peninsula to get the best view over the Cape of Good Hope and the old Lighthouse. 0:08   Vilakazi Street This is the only street in the world with two Nobel Peace Prizes: Nelson Mandela and   Desmond Tutu   lived here in the heart of Soweto. Today Vilakazi Street is less a local experience but still a must do when you’re in Johannesburg. 0:10   Johannesburg, G

The rarest passport in the world is so exclusive there are only three in existence

It's thought the measure of a passport's power is the number of countries it allows its holder to travel to without applying for a visa. Based on this, German  passports  - held by millions - have the most clout, allowing their citizens to go to a total of 176 countries out of 218, visa-free While millions don't hold a passport for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, it is precisely their rarity which makes them so special. Only three are issued at any one time. These go to the three highest officers in the Catholic order: the grand master, deputy grand master, and chancellor. So what is the medieval order? Its full name reads the 'Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.' Pope Francis meets Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Fra' Matthew Festing It originated as the Crusader Knights Hospitaller in 1099, reports  Business Insider  . Every other officer of the

The best 5 villages to visit in Cyprus

The best 5 villages to visit in Cyprus Apart from blue flag beaches with golden sands and blissful island adventures, Cyprus has more to offer; like natural sceneries and scenic landscapes from our beautiful countryside. If you have yet to discover this side of Cyprus, you’ve been definitely missing out and it’s time to get adventurous. Bellow we’ve gathered the five best villages to visit in Cyprus that will leave you in awe. 1. Lofou Cobblestone narrow streets, energetic nature and a backdrop of mountains and refreshing countryside characterize the atmosphere of Lofou Village. It is one of the wine villages of the island and belongs to the 4th Wine Route of Cyprus. The local wine of Lofou and the products made of it, such as “soutzoukos” and “palouzes”, are famous all over Cyprus for their excellent quality. It is located somewhere between Paphos and Limassol; easily accessible and reachable only 25 minutes away from the second biggest city. Lofou appeals to ev

A map of the countries that speak the best English

If you’re deciding where to go on holiday, but don’t have time (or inclination) to learn the local lingo – you’re in luck. Almost a million people living across 72 countries around the world  have been ranked   for their English-speaking skills. In at number one is the Netherlands, which has moved from second place in 2014 and 2015. Coming in second place is Denmark, followed by Sweden (which ranked first last year), Norway, Finland, Singapore and Luxembourg, who all scored “very high”. The top of the list looks like this: Netherlands Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Singapore Luxembourg Austria Germany Poland Belgium Malaysia Philippines Switzerland Portugal Czech Republic Serbia Hungary Argentina Romania The UK's neighbor, France, came in at 29, while Spain ranked 25th.  The 10 lowest scoring countries are El Salvador, Oman, Kuwait, Mongolia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Laos, Libya and lastly, Iraq. Education First also found t