A look into the future of Limassol

By the end of 2020, ten new land development projects are expected to be completed. Among them are impressive skyscrapers, luxury buildings, seaside hotel units and high-spec office buildings, with more developments to come.

All of these projects listed below, in no particular order, will be constructed in Limassol, a city whose development prospects are currently booming.
The Oval
An ambitious project which aims to offer its visitors and office occupants a feeling of connection with the Limassol beachside front. The Cybarco-constructed innovative office building, designed by world-famous architecture firm Atkins, in cooperation with WKK and Armeftis, is located only 100 metres from the sea, with 16 floors of uninterrupted view. The luxurious lobby, the garden, cafeteria and services offered (such as 24-hour security and controlled building access) complete the package for “The Oval” which is set to open end of May 2017.

Limassol ONE tower
Construction work for the Limassol ONE tower started in 2016 and is ongoing. The 37-storey building is aspiring to be the tallest beachfront residential property in Europe, with its height reaching 170 metres. The development will feature 84 luxurious apartments and five store properties, one of which with the specifications of a luxury restaurant, and a three-floor penthouse at the top of the building. It is located on the main seaside avenue of Limassol and will be recognisable from any part in Limassol. So far 20% of the properties have been sold, with the cost of construction estimated at €60 million. Interior decorating will be designed by Atkins, WKK and HBA, with the project estimated for completion in 2019.

Limassol Del Mar
The Limassol Del Mar is one of the most ambitious development projects. It will be located on a beachside property to the east of Yermasogia, and it aspires to be a reference point, not just in Cyprus, but the entire region. It will consist of two luxury towers with innovative design, featuring 168 apartments with uninterrupted views of the sea. Built across 34,157 square metres of land, with 170 metres of a seaside fa├žade, the two towers will be connected up to their third floor. The ground level floor will feature a shopping centre. The Del Mar residents will have the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel, featuring a gym, spa, an outdoor and indoor pool and a club house. Sales of the apartments have already begun, with construction set to be completed in 2019.

Limassol Landmark
The Limassol Landmark will be a city hub for living, relaxation and fun. It will be an impressive modern 34-storey building which will feature residences, a spa, health club, a concierge, a business centre, tennis court and children playgrounds. The design is inspired by the unique location, with the apartments having a panoramic view of the sea. The complex will also include a large commercial square with retail stores and restaurants, along with three levels of public parking. The Limassol Landmark is designed by the world-famous ATKINS architecture firm.

Located 100 metres from the seafront, iHome will be a groundbreaking residential complex. Its unique design gives the impression that the apartments are stacked against each other. Featuring 28 separate, spacious apartments, all designed to the highest standards, with 12 of the apartments having their own roof garden. Among the services offered are controlled access, a lobby, private gym, a pool, a fully equipped entertainment room and a private playground. The two buildings of iHome are 82 metres and 70 metres high, offering beautiful views towards the sea. The project will be completed in 2017, with most of the residences already sold.

Lanitis Seafront
One of the tallest and most impressive developments taking place in Limassol is the Lanitis Seafront complex. It consists of three towers 37 storeys high, which will include luxury residences, stores, offices, spa, gym, three pools, green spaces and 1,500 parking spaces of which 900 will be available for the public. The project costs €150 million and will be constructed across 59,000 square metres.

1) Cedar Oasis, 2) Marco Polo, 3) The Arc Ship, 4) Hard Rock Melco Casino, 5) Lanitis Seafront, 6) ONE Tower, 7) iHome, 8) Limassol Landmark 9) Limassol Del Mar

Hard Rock Melco Casino

The island’s first casino, which will be constructed by the Melco-Hard Rock consortium. The building will feature the first casino-resort in Cyprus and include, among others, a hotel, spa, gym, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes. The casino-resort will be constructed in the Fasouri area in Limassol, with costs estimated to be around €500 million. Construction for this mammoth-investment will be completed around 2020.

The Arc Ship

Inspired by waves and full sails, the Arc Ship will stand out in its location on the beachside avenue of Limassol. The development will have 17-floors with a total of 23 apartments. On the ground floor there will be a restaurant open to the public. The project will be constructed by Cyfield, with its construction estimated towards the end of 2017 at a cost of €30 million.

Marco Polo

Located in the Amathounta area, Marco Polo will feature two impressive towers 25-storeys high offering a panoramic 180 degree view. The two towers will be connected by a large square, while in the surrounding area there will be a private park, swimming pools, kiosk, playgrounds and other stores. The Marco Polo towers are being constructed in the location of the old Golden Arches hotel.

Cedar Oasis

Located in the heart of Limassol, Makarios Avenue, the Cedar Oasis will be a 16-storey tower covering 6,000 square metres. It will feature two underground levels to serve as parking spaces, a ground floor with stores, seven storeys with offices, and eight storeys of apartments.


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