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It turns out that traveling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does

Why do we head for the shops with such determination as soon as we have money in our wallets? With every new purchase we feel a little happier, but a few days later that satisfaction is often gone without a trace. We at MKS Travel And Tours decided it was time to get to grips with this problem once and for all, and to make sense of how we can all find true happiness. It turns out that the main impediment to happiness is adaptation. As soon as something we’ve bought becomes ordinary and unexciting, the level of life satisfaction we feel falls, and we’re forced to search around for the next purchase. This process is repeated again and again. However, research carried out at Cornell University has found a way to break this damaging cycle. Psychology professor Thomas Gilovich has shown that we experience the same increase in happiness when we buy something we want and when we go traveling. But — and here’s the most important point — the amount of happiness we derive from our purcha

What the world's nations are best at, revealed in one map

From Argentina’s horse meat to Papua New Guinea’s diversity; from Nigeria's scrabble players to Paraguay's positivity — map pinpoints every nation to be the best at something Click and See Large Image The world can seem like a gloomy place at times, and it can be easy to criticise countries for those things they do not seem to be getting right. But  every nation, it would seem, is the best at something. W hether it be Lithuania’s speedy Wifi, Sweden’s high calibre of pop music or Malaysia’s little known penchant for top quality rubber gloves, they all have something to celebrate. And now an intriguing new data map has endeavoured to pinpoint where each nation's strengths lie. From Papua New Guinea’s diversity to Argentina’s excellent horse meat, data journalist and information designer David McCandless has researched which countries do what best, based on statistics gathered from sources across the internet. The  'International Number Ones'

Should You Travel Or Focus On Your Career: Why Not Do Both?

Often when I’m speaking to someone and they find out that I’m living and teaching in Madrid, Spain, they often say, “Wow that’s amazing. I wish  I  could do that.” To which I always reply, “Well, why  can’t  you?” For many people in their twenties, there is a tension between what they  want  to do and what they feel they  should  do. Should we travel the world, or should we focus on our career? Conventional thinking dictates that one  must  come at the expense of the other. You can travel. You can have a career. But you can’t have both—at least not at the same time. The response I usually get is, “I wish I could, but it’s not that simple. I need to work for at least two years at x company.” Or I get, “First I’ll work for a while and save money, then I’ll travel when I’m older.” (In theory this seems logical, but in practice it’s much more difficult. The farther along you are in your career, the harder it will be to break away. Why? Because once our salar

15 Photos That Look Like They Were Taken on a Different Planet

Sometimes, you look at a photograph of some unknown location from around the world, and you can barely believe that it actually exists. We put together an album of these places — places which if you didn’t know better, you could be forgiven for thinking that they were located on another planet. Nature never loses its ability to surprise and amaze you! © Nagesh Mahadev    The Three Sisters, dormant volcanoes in Oregon, USA © Inge Johnsson    Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA © Alexey Trofimov    Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia © Simon J. Byrne    The Wave canyon, Arizona, USA © Martin Bailey    Antarctica © Jose Carvalho    A beach in the Alentejo, Portugal © Emmanuel Coupe Kalomiris    Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada © Process Sensors    Rainbow mountains in Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China © Brian Peterson    An ice-covered cave in Wisconsin, USA © Sean Ba