Tourism revenue up 6.4% in March, Cystat says

Revenue from tourism rose in March 6.4 per cent compared with the respective month of 2016 to €86.1m, the statistical service said.

From January to March, total revenue rose 14 per cent to €168.1m compared with the respective period last year, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
The increase in revenue from tourism in the third month of the year was mainly on an annual 3.6 per cent rise in spending per person to €611.41, which more than offset a shortening of the average length of stay by 0.4 days to 8.8 days, Cystat said.
Tourists from the UK, traditionally Cyprus’s largest source of incoming tourism, stayed in March on average 9.8 days, which is half a day less compared to March last year, but increased their spending 15 per cent to €744.16 during their stay per person, Cystat said. Those from Russia, Cyprus’ second-largest source of tourism, spent on the island 8.9 days, 0.6 days more relative to March 2016, and spent on average €617.51, or 8.6 per cent more.
Tourist arrivals in March and in the first quarter rose 2.8 per cent and 14 per cent compared with the respective period of 2016. Tourism accounts directly or indirectly for a quarter of Cyprus’s economy.


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