EU (European) Citizenship Investment Packages

As a part of its policies aiming to attract foreign investors to Cyprus the Council of Ministers, on the 19th of March 2014, revised the "Scheme for Naturalization of non-Cypriot investors by exception" and, thus, established the new financial criteria based on which non–Cypriot entrepreneurs and investors may acquire the Cypriot citizenship.

In order to help entrepreneur and investors, we have created a wide selection of options to choose from. A combination of residential and commercial properties have been carefully selected for each package to fast track the process.

Benefits of acquiring Citizenship through Cyprus:
  • Cypriot passport are issued to citizens of Cyprus for the purpose of International travel.
  • Every Cypriot citizen is also a citizen of the European Union.
  • The passport along with the National ID Card allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union.
  • Cypriot citizens can live and work in any country within the EU as a result of the right of free movement and residence granted in Article 21 of the EU Treaty.
  • Passports will be issued to the investor, their married spouse and dependent children up to age 28, provided they are in full-time education
  • No requirement to physically reside in Cyprus
  • No requirement to make a donation to the local government
  • Access to the first – class EU healthcare institutes and excellent education systems
  • FREEHOLD residential and FREEHOLD commercial properties with excellent rental yield from investments
  • After 3 years investments can be sold
  • No language requirements for residence or citizenship
  • No dividend tax on worldwide income for non domiciled tax residents. Cyprus has no inheritance tax and the lowest rate of corporate income tax in Europe
  • Future generations obtain passport through “derivation” of citizenship
  • Strategic geographical location, forming a bridge between the EU, the Middle East, and North Africa with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Low crime rate
  • An outstanding holiday destination.


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