Beaches in Ayia Napa and Protaras that you have to visit


Cyprus without a doubt has stunning beaches. Forty nine beaches in Cyprus were awarded with the Blue Flag status from 36 countries around the world and very often we find them in different publications all over the world that put them in the top beaches around the world year by year. Below we listed beaches in Ayia Napa and Protaras region that we love. If you are seeking for great beach escapes or stunning party beaches, we got you covered.

fig tree bay protaras
Fig Tree Bay is considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus. It is located in Protaras area and is ideal for families as well. The beach was included in the top 10 beaches in Europe list for 2016 on Trip Advisor and it is been awarded with the Blue Flag status. Its blue clear water and golden sand puts it high in our list. The name, Fig Tree Bay, came from the ancient fig trees that once stood tall in the area. There you can also find a variety of water sports to indulge in.
Vizakia Beach
Another beautiful beach in Protaras. It is a quite beach for those who are seeking to relax. Its length is 80 meters and its width 25. Its name implied the existence of big stones, but the very good work of the Municipality turned this beach into a real gem of the area.
Green Bay Beach
Green Bay protaras beaches
Photo by Chris Atkin

If you are searching for a quite and beautiful beach, Green Bay is your place. The beach is ideal for snorkelling and exploring since it has very clear waters and gorgeous rock formations. Green Bay is located in Protaras area.
Glyki Nero Beach
Glyki Nero Beach is located in the centre of Ayia Napa and its name means sweet water in Greek. Another beach accredited with the Blue flag award. A lot of people visit it every year.
Ammos tou Kambouri
If you are seeking for inspiration and relaxation, Ammos you Kambouri is located in Ayia Napa area and is a picturesque small beach. This little hideaway was also awarded with the Blue Flag. It offers a plenty of activities and facilities. 
Nissi Beach
Nissi is located in Ayia Napa and is awarded with the Blue Flag. Its length is approximately 500 meters and is one of the most famous party beaches on the island. Nissi means island in Greek and is derived from the islet near by which is accessible easily. A variety of water sports, accommodation facilities, beach volley courts and restaurants are also available in the area.
beaches ayia napa protaras
makronissos beaches cyprus
Located at the western area of Ayia Napa, Makronissos consist of three beaches. They all have in common the blue clear water and the golden sand. Makronissos is visited by tourists and locals. It’s ideal for families due to its relaxing laid back atmosphere. There you can also find a variety of interesting water sports.
Konnos Bay
konnos beaches
Located in the Eastern part of Ayia Napa, Konnos Bay forms part of the national park, Cape Greco. The combination of the pine trees along the hillsides and the mesmerising blue water, puts Konnos Bay in the list with the most gorgeous beaches. Although it is very famous and especially in the weekends is quite busy, somehow it induce you with calmness and relaxation. There you can also enjoy a variety of water sports and the snack bar.

Summer is already here, so get your swimsuits on and get ready to explore the gems of Cyprus.


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