5+1 FREE things to do in Cyprus

Free 1
The best thing you can do for free in Cyprus is go to the beach! We have so many nice beaches in Cyprus, especially in Ayia Napa and Protaras area, that will blow your mind. One free beach for me please!
Ayia Napa-Photographer Antria Aipavliti
Free 2
If you are a wine lover then you will love this! Free wine tasting at one of the local wineries. Take a small trip outside Limassol and visit one of the local wineries to have a free taste of the indigenous wines we have. Tip: Don’t get too greedy. Just go to one winery!
Wine tasting- Borrowed from http://sarahlynninspain.blogspot.com201104cyprus-i-wine.html
Free 3
No money for accommodation? No problem at all! Take your tent and go to Latsi (secret) camping area! What’s more awesome than waking up to the sound of the waves in the morning?
Camping by the sea
Latsi in Paphos – Photographer Antria Aipavliti
Free 4 (For the romantic ones)
Want to impress your partner with your romantic abilities? Take her/him to Lofou, a beautiful and picturesque village, where you can walk through the small stone made streets. Tip: Next to the school there is nice spot where you can see the whole village from above. Recommended for afternoon hours.
Free 5
Do you like adventure? Of course! Who doesn’t? Here is a tip for you. Free adventure at Avakas valley. The only valley of its kind in Cyprus provides a wonderful and memorable experience. Recommendation: Take your ‘adventure’ shoes with you!
Avakas Valley- Photographer Fleming2009-Flickr
Avakas Valley- Photographer Fleming2009 – Flickr
Free 5+1 (for the more romantic ones)
What’s the main attraction in Cyprus? Aphrodite’s rock of course! It never gets old. Couples and families from around the world visit every year the birthplace of the most beautiful goddess, Aphrodite, that happens to be Cypriot. So why not take your other half and take a walk around Aphrodite’s rock. And why not take a swim while being there? You never know maybe the waters will transform you to a god or goddess as well!
Aphrodite's Rock -Photographer Antria Aipavliti
Aphrodite’s Rock – Photographer Antria Aipavliti


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