Explore The World - With - MKS Travels And Tours Ltd.

MKS Travels and tours ltd. is happy to provide its full range of services not only to international visitors but also for locals here in Cyprus.

The key to our success over the years has been our focus on maintaining services at their highest standards. We do our very best to offer you competitive quotations and to ensure that every aspect of your travel arrangements are well organized.

Individual Travel:
With their expertise, our members of staff will take care of every aspect of your travel arrangements starting with a competitive quotation and detailed travel plan. We provide unique, unforgettable adventures where the journey is as important as the destination. For those of you interested in solo adventurers, seeking the reassurance of spanning the globe or in search of amazing places, we are the right people to meet with.

We will arrange everything for you, from flight tickets, accommodation, to car rentals, excursions or any other service you may require.

Group Travel:
Years of experience in organizing group travel have helped create an outstanding name in the Cypriot Market. We have been successfully escorting groups of different nationalities from Cyprus to other countries abroad. This has allowed us to study each nationality, each culture, and understand their needs and demands for any particular package.

All groups created by us are always escorted and we do our best to ensure a pleasant time. We believe there are three main ingredients which make our groups special; the places we visit, the people you travel with, and the personal service we are able to offer. 

We are very proud to be able to offer cruises from all over the world, whether you leave from Cyprus or from any other country.

Our experienced members of staff can assist you in the planning and making the necessary arrangements for you to experience a cruise you will never forget.

Incentive Trips:
With our experience in the education sector, we are able to organize special trips abroad for educational purposes, whether it is to visit Universities or to arrange a high school trip, which is pretty common here in Cyprus. Having a young dynamic team working with us, we ensure the trips will be one of a lifetime.

In addition to this we are able to organize incentive trips for:
  • Conferences for Doctors,
  • Business companies,
  • Governmental and semi-governmental organizations.


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